xohtml is a tool for turning the output of libxo-enabled commands into html files suitable for display in modern HTML web browsers. It can be used to test and debug HTML output, as well as to make the user ache to escape the world of ’70s terminal devices.

xohtml is given a command, either on the command line or via the “-c” option. If not command is given, standard input is used. The command’s output is wrapped in HTML tags, with references to supporting CSS and Javascript files, and written to standard output or the file given in the “-f” option. The “-b” option can be used to provide an alternative base path for the support files:

Option Meaning
-b <base> Base path for finding css/javascript files
-c <command> Command to execute
-f <file> Output file name

The “-c” option takes a full command with arguments, including any libxo options needed to generate html (--libxo=html). This value must be quoted if it consists of multiple tokens.